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mmirgila's Journal

Thursday, January 15, 2009

3:09PM - exciting day!

We went for our first ultrasound today! I was pretty nervous but excited too. I was just afraid to find out something bad but we didn't- everything was great! I am 7 weeks and 6 days pregnant so we could only see a little spot like a lima bean but we could see the heart beat. That was cool. I go in next week to meet with the Nurse practitioner to talk about everything and have an exam I think. I don't really know...it is all so new and exciting. I feel much better about it now after seeing the baby on the screen and hearing everything is good. I guess I was worried for nothing or maybe I've watched too many lifetime movies. Plus today was the day we were going to find out if there was going to be twins or more so I was nervous about that too. It would have been awesome but one is definitely fine. I can't wait until I'm farther along and hopefully out of this morning (all day) sickness thing. I just want to enjoy being pregnant but I'm having trouble because it hasn't been too pleasant yet. I get so tired and hungry and nauseous.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

12:22PM - Going Down Under!!!

I am so excited I can't seem to focus on anything work related. I just found out last night that I have qualified for my company convention which is in Sydney Austrailia in May!!! I had no idea that I was even close to qualifying. There are so many rules and calculations I didn't keep track. I figured I would just do my best and if I got it great if I didn't then I would just work harder this year. The contest is based on production from Jan 1, 06- Dec 29, 06 and then the trip is in May of 07. This will be first class all the way! The hotel is supposed to be one of the best in Sydney and has the best view of the Sydney Harbor bridge and opera house. Obviously this is all I can think about since I have updated my lj which I haven't done since July and I put it on my facebook and myspace. I have also been surfing the web all morning looking at the hotel and stuff about Sydney.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Today has been the most boring day at work ever. I have had like 1 phone call and nothing else to do. I have been just surfing the web and looking up stuff on imdb.com --I am lame! I would go home but sure as anything as soon as I leave the phone will ring off the hook. I am getting a little nervous because I have a doctors appointment tomorrow for my annual exam. No fun! I have been trying extra hard this past week to get pregnant.(not that anyone wanted to know that) For some reason I just thought maybe this would be my month. I am a little anxious about that. I may mention it to the doctor but she will probably say I should wait to test until I am late. I need to not think about it but I just want it really bad and it has almost been 2 years! I just don't think I should worry too much since I am only 20 and have plenty of time. It just seems like everyone that doesn't want to get pregnant it happens so easily for. Well I just know that when I actually am we are going to really celebrate and be so excited. I don't think I want the doctor to test tomorrow though because I think they do blood tests. I don't want to have blood drawn for awhile. This past Sunday I donated blood at church. It was not a good experience. I have never passed out before until Sunday. I didn't have any problems while actually giving the blood. I did it around 8:30am and then about 9:00 I was done and had some food and drink. I wanted to go into church then and when I did I was standing during the music time and had to sit down because I started to feel sick. I thought if I sat there a minute it would pass. I decided I needed to go to the bathroom so I got up and left. My mom offered to go with me to make sure I was okay. I said I would be fine. I didn't make it out of the Auditorium. The last I remembered was someone saying, Could someone help over here! They took me to the lobby and laid me down on a bench I couldn't see and I couldn't understand what anyone was saying. Eventually when I was coming to they took me back to the room that was set up for the donating and I laid down for awhile on a cot. I kept telling them they should get my mom because she would be worried since I didn't come back. Eventually she went out to the lobby to look for me and someone told her what happened. She felt so bad because she didn't come with me. After church my mom drove me home in her car and my dad drove mine. I basically felt like crap all day. I am pretty sure I will not be doing that again. At least not for a long time. We figured out I probably didn't eat enough breakfast or drink enough and then I left the room before I had enough food or rest.
J-Town fireman's festival starts tonight. I think we will probably go on friday night just for a bit to see people. It is always like a reunion and kind of fun to see what everyone is doing these days.

Friday, May 5, 2006


I haven't updated in a long time just because I have been busy. I don't think I will recap back to the last entry. I will just say things have been good and bad but mostly good. We are planning vacation and weekend trips for the next few months so maybe I can plan a short trip to Athens to see my buddies! I have been meaning to do so for the past 3 years but it just hasn't happened. I need to make definite plans to do this....soon!

Friday, January 20, 2006


If you guys are going to be home tonight call me. I don't care what time but it would be nice to see you.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


stressing a bit about taxes...and work in general. Hopefully I get a bonus this month with all the work I have done I will be disappointed if I don't but so far it is not looking good. I am excited for this afternoon though. I dropped Belle off at the groomer and she is coming home to my house today! For so long I convinced myself that I didn't want a dog but down deep I really did miss having one. It didn't take much to talk Chris into it and he really is excited. I hope it goes well because I have really talked her up as being a good dog and I just hope she acts as good as I know she can. She is a really smart dog. I went in her kennel and said want to go bye bye, and that is all I said, she hasn't gone in a car for probably 5 years. I walked her towards the car which was also towards the house and she turned and put her feet up into the back to get in. I didn't have to tell her or coax her or anything. My mom watched from inside thinking that I might have needed help to get her in but clearly she was ready to go. I am having a hard time sitting here waiting. I think that she will be done around 2 but I want to leave now.

On another subject, I really want to scrapbook some more but I am completely out of pictures to work with. I have done, our wedding(kind of), honeymoon, trip to Niagara, Germany, Cincinnati, Chris' 21st b-day, our cabin weekend, Jailvis, and my parents wedding. I want to keep scrapping because I have so much cool stuff that I got for Christmas, the only ones listed above that I got to use that stuff on was our honeymoon, cincinnati trip, and chris b-day. The rest I had done before Christmas.

I don't think I am going to do real wedding pages like the others because I don't want to cut any professional pictures and I don't have the money now to copy the others. The guestbook that we had at the wedding is a big album that you fill in all sorts of other stuff starting with "our first meeting" then the proposal and the engagement, then it has space for pictures of my dress and the girls dresses and the tuxes, then you can put the program and the invitation and the thank you card in. It is a nice comprehensive album that uses some pictures but not too many. I have just about finished it. I am waiting for my mother in law to get me a picture from the rehersal dinner.
I found this one picture that had to be from like the first summer after we started going out. We were so young. It was the summer between 8th and 9th for me I think. Adam is in the picture and he is so young. I may not have even been 14 yet!

I love that we kind of grew up together. thinking about our wedding and past always makes me swoon.

Friday, December 30, 2005


I was telling Chris the other day that I told Britt and sarah they could come over tonight after work and he was like...did you forget we have plans. That is so weird for me. I just thought we were going to Justins on Sat. night but it is tonight. Stacy is cooking dinner so I am sure we won't be home until late. I feel bad since you guys are done with your break. I wanted to get together sometime since we haven't in a long time. Maybe next time you're home.
I am torn on what to do the rest of the weekend. My family is all getting together in Indianapolis but I hate driving that far. I think that it would be fun if Chris and I went tomorrow morning and spent the night and came back Sunday early afternoon. I think he wanted to go to his parents house for new years eve but I don't think that would be as fun. I do but I don't want to go. Maybe I will just let him decide. I should leave my office now. I feel bad for Samantha. she was trying to get all her work done and get out of here but now her boss is here giving her stuff to do. I was going to stay till she left just to keep her company and then I got busy until now. I am leaving.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Today has been sort of busy just with office work. I am a little nervous about going on my appointment tomorrow by myself. I am afraid my dad is going to back out because he has been gone all week and has things to do to get ready for the party probably.
Last night was a strange night at my house. I think I was being grumpy. I have been so tired today. I wanted to do something like go to Target last night but Chris came home all tired and grumpy which is why I became grumpy I think. His moods rub off on me so fast. I am in a good mood today just tired. I want to leave now but I feel bad for leaving early every day. I used the water bill for an excuse to leave yesterday because Chris didn't pay it at lunch so I had to go and get it before the bank closed. I was in such a hurry when I got home to go in and get the bill and check. I set my purse down and grabbed the stuff and ran back out. On my way out the door I locked it. As soon as I pulled the door shut, I knew my house keys, car keys, and phone were inside. I was pretty calm about it and at first thought I just said to myself, I will call Chris...how? oh Tiffany is probably home so I went down there to borrow the car to go get keys from Chris at work. I didn't want him to have to come home and let me in. on my way down there I was so afraid she wouldn't be home. Worst case scenario I would have had to walk to the shop. No big deal but if was cold and I didn't have my heavy coat on or any gloves. She was home and I borrowed the car. This ordeal seemed like a much bigger deal as it happened but looking back it was just silly.
I hope Chris doesn't have to work late tonight because that usually puts him in a bad mood. I can't deal with that again.
I am really excited for tomorrows party, mainly just to hang out with Samantha and Jon. We haven't been able to do anything with them for awhile. That will be fun.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Last night TJ called and I didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number and when I forward the phones I don't answer unless I know who is calling because I don't want to talk to clients at 8pm. Normally I listen to the messages right away though but for some reason I didn't last night. I listened to them on my way to work this morning and one was TJ which is weird. I think he is living in Virginia. Maybe he is in town? I feel bad, but I hope not. He is strange, nice but strange. Chris has way over booked us for the weekend. We were supposed to shop with brian and tiffany tomorrow night and work at Phils in the day time. Tonight Adam and Clayton might be coming back after the basketball game and Chris told Justin he would come and help butcher tomorrow all day. So I decided we will shop tonight with brian and tiffany and adam can come over after that, then tomorrow he can butcher all day and in the evening we will be able to do something with Justin and stacy and TJ if they want to. Sunday Chris has the Live Nativity at 3-night and so if they want to do anything at Phil's we will have to do it between Church and Nativity stuff. Maybe I will help while they butcher...I don't know.
I am a planner. I want to leave right now though to go to Lifeway. I have a coupon so I think I will buy Christmas cards there and an anniversary card for Ray and Susie. After that I think I will probably take Samantha's check to her since she couldn't work because her husband had some kind of spinal injections and she has to stay with him for the day. On top of everything else her daughter woke up with Pink eye. She is having a tough day. I feel bad for her.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Where is everyone? I have had time the past two days to update and read entries but no one is writing any. You guys must all be too busy with work and things to update. I called you Britt and Sarah to see if you wanted to hang out some time. The offer is still open however I am getting pretty busy for the weekend. Hope we can get together sometime before you are gone... I might be free tonight or tomorrow night.

So the other night when we were at Brians for dinner, they asked us to go shopping with them sometime this weekend and we told them we could on Saturday sometime because Sunday Chris has the Live Nativity in the evening. Last night Justin called and he wants Chris to come over and butcher a hog on Saturday and Chris agreed. Last year they did it from 8am to 10pm. He swears it will be quicker this time. I don't want to do it and we don't have the money to buy it right now. They said we don't have to take this one they will have more in February. I am going to just tell Chris he has to be done in the late afternoon so we can go shopping with Brian and Tiffany. I was thinking we could do it early afternoon on Sunday but then I found out Chris has to be at the Church for the Nativity at 3pm and the event is not until 6. That screws up the entire day. Oh well, we will work it out.

Today I had the idea to check our E*trade and it is a good thing I did. We were being charged for no activity like $130 over the past year. It is $40 per quarter which we didn't know about so I went in and sold our stocks because another $40 would be added to our fees on 12/26. Because of all the fees we will probably only make about $50 over our original investment. That is bad for as long as that money has been in there. I am just glad that we will have that money back. It would make bill paying much more comfortable but Chris wants to put it into another type of investment whether it be our money market account or the savings account and keep it for a down payment on a house in the Spring. We will do something I guess. It wouldn't make sense to spend it...except maybe on a vacation!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


The people in my office make me laugh. I can't even explain it all. I am glad I have someone close in age to laugh with me at the others. They are ridiculous sometimes.
I got a coupon from Jcpenney that was for $10 off of a $10 purchase and I love those. Normally I buy myself something because it is like free if I can find a good deal. One time I bought 2 shirts and a bra and only paid $.46. This time I didn't buy myself anything becuase everything I wanted would have cost me extra and I didn't like it enough to pay for it. I bought two maternity shirts for Tiffany for Christmas for only $1.77 each and a winter hood thing for Jeff. I ended up paying $1.24 because the guy made me buy two shirts because with only one I was not at $10 yet. I didn't care because that is a really good deal. Normally the hoods are $14.00 and the shirts I think were $18 originally or more. I am glad I used it to buy gifts. In a little while I have to go get an Oil change and I am wishing I made it a little later so I wouldn't have to come back to the office after it. It will be like 4 when I am done though. I could go home and check the messages. I don't know what I am going to do.
Last night on my way home I was wishing I didn't have to cook dinner and then I was thinking about what to cook. I was going to stop and get beans for Chili. Just then, Tiffany called to see if we wanted to come down to eat Chili and sandwiches. That was totally weird. We had a really good time down there because the kids were really playful after dinner and they actually wanted to play with Chris and I. Then we played a bunch of games of UNO Attack. Taylar was being so cute, she didn't want us to leave and she kept taking my purse so we couldn't. I love those kids.
I got this thing for dinner tonight that is a kit to make Gyros, it has the meat, sauce, and pita bread in it already. I am excited to try it. Wednesdays are late nights for Chris because he works until 6 and tonight he has practice for the Live Nativity at 6:30. I think I will take him a gyro and fries at the shop so that he can eat first. I don't want to have to make dinner at 8 when he gets home.

I ordered pictures online last week and I really hope they come soon. I want to start scrapbooking our honeymoon and refill our Germany album with the pictures that I used in the scrapbook.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


12 days till Christmas! I am so ready. Except for the gifts I still need to buy. I feel bad right now because I was so busy earlier I didn't go back to J-town for Uncle Phil's burial. We didn't have a funeral, a viewing or anything because he didn't want us too and he was to be cremated. The family was meeting at the cemetary this afternoon to bury his ashes. Chris hasn't called to see where I was or anything. I didn't tell him that I wasn't coming I just couldn't make it that early in the afternoon. Today was by far my busiest day in December. I have filled 2 pages in my phone log and the past couple weeks I have barely filled two pages over a whole week. I am worn out now. I should stick around a little more but I am having a hard time sitting here. I don't want to go home and cook dinner but of course I will.
Yesterday I booked my airplane ticket for Galveston in February. I am excited to go there since I have never been before. I think it will be fun. Just me and my dad are going but I will see other people I know from my training last year in Missouri. That will be fun. I hope that they all go. So far I have only heard that one of them is going and he is a really cute guy so I was hoping more were going because I feel weird hanging out with someone that I think is cute without my husband there. Not that it is a problem I just feel weird, in the insurance business whenever there is a gathering of agents there will always be a lot more guys than girls there and the women are usually old. In January in Springfield I hung out with a lady that was probably 38 but she acted 22 and three guys 22,23, and 45. They were a fun group. I think the 23 year old is going and I hope the others do too. I know Judy won't be there because she isn't an agent anymore. My dad will be there but I would rather hang out with others.

I wanted to finish cleaning Uncle Phils house tonight because Chris has practice for the live nativity tomorrow night. I just want to get our room put back together but I can't until we get the desk and the mattresses.

Sorry for the long boring update anyone who read this!

Monday, December 12, 2005


Friday night was kind of fun. We went to dinner with Brian and Tiffany then to Target for Chris to christmas shop. It was pretty uneventful and then we went home around 9:30. Adam and Clayton showed up and wanted to hang out and drink so we told them they could if they spent the night. Chris went and got Mango rum and it is really good. I got a bit tipsy and I could have stayed up all night. Clayton is definitely the funniest person I know. Saturday morning I woke up around 9 and heard the boys in the kitchen. I went out and cooked waffles and they just raved about them all morning. They were nothing special but they liked them a lot. After they left I went into super speed and cleaned like crazy and did a lot of laundry. I was done by 1 and then we went to his uncles house to clean out his old stuff which took awhile and then we went home and ate dinner. We went and played games at Brians later. Sunday I was kind of mad at Chris for a little bit about something stupid so I went and played in the snow with my dog and on the 4 wheeler. My dad drove me around on the sled behind the 4wheeler and I got all banged up. I am still pretty sore but it was really fun. My mom cooked dinner for all the Specks just to be nice since we have been busy doing stuff clearing out Phil's apt. This week will probably drag on because I don't have a lot to do and it is getting close to Christmas. I am really excited to give everyone their presents!

Friday, December 9, 2005


I finally got the violin working on Monday and I played with it a lot during the day one day this week. I can't remember what day it was but I forgot to take my computer to my office so I had to go back home and I worked from my parents house and I played the violin all day. I haven't played it for about 10 years but with the beginners book I bought I picked it right back up. I thought that I wouldn't remember how to play but I can even play Ode to Joy the full sheet not just a one-liner! I impressed myself and now I can't wait to give it to him so I can play with it some more. I hope that he can play it too. I had a really weird dream last night that his Grandma, that we never see, bought him and jeff a violin for Christmas and they gave it to him on Christmas Eve and I hadn't given him my gift yet. The one she gave him was disassembled completely and my uncle on my dad's side was there with his string kit and he put it together. As far as I know, he has never played a violin so it was really weird. I am really excited to give all the gifts we have bought. We still need some more but they are ones I need Chris to pick out. I finished my parents scrapbook last night and I am thrilled with how it turned out. I can't wait to give it to them. I am also excited to see what Chris comes up with to give me. I made a wish list on Amazon but I hope he buys some other things too that I don't know about. He was on the computer for 2 hours last night working on it. It is exciting!

Friday, December 2, 2005


Today has been sort of fun in the office because Samantha and I were here alone most of the day so we could talk about everyone. I haven't done hardly any work today but I have stayed all day. Boring. Chris' violin was delivered today and it looks good but I can't make it work. Part of it had to be put together and I did that but I still can't get a sound out of it. I don't think it is my error i think I just don't know what to do. I know how to play it kind of if it was ready to be played. I think he will be so excited about getting it. I need to buy a few more Christmas presents but I am almost finished. I don't know what to get a few people but I guess we'll figure it out, there is still time. I did really well shopping the day after thanksgiving and bought what I thought was a lot. I think we just have a lot less number of people to buy for than some people. I am excited for Christmas but I don't feel in the spirit of it yet. We are getting a tree tomorrow and we are going to cut one I think. I told the people that I wrote their Tree Farms insurance that I would come and buy one from them. I think it will be fun to go out and pick one but I would actually rather put up a fake one. That is one thing I don't mind compromising on though.

I was just thinking, it is fun being married. I love just hanging out with my husband. We have so much fun together and I think it is just because we let ourselves have fun. So many people it seems that they get so wrapped up in little stuff that we never worry about. I hate how people say, "Just wait...your time will come" it is like they are dooming our marriage. We don't believe them that things are going to get bad. We are just different.

Tonight we are going to my brothers to hang out. I am regretting that decision a little bit. I just don't feel like hanging out at their house. It gets pretty boring. I kind of hope that Shane is coming. I don't always like him very much but he brings a little excitement sometimes.

Sunday we get to babysit the kids all day! We will pick them up and go do something hopefully for the afternoon. Their parents are leaving around 2:15 and going to Dayton for a 7:30 concert! They won't be back till Midnight of later probably. I will be tired Monday but it is so worth it to keep the kids all day. I am just excited to see them. Last time we watched them it was like at 6pm and their parents didn't leave until 7 then I had to cook dinner, by the time dinner was over we hardly had any time to play or do anything before time to settle down for bed. At least this time we will have a lot more time to do stuff!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Last weekend is sort of a blur now. Shopping on Friday was crazier than ever. I was out of the house by 3:45 AM on my way to meet Samantha in whitehall. She and I shopped until about 11 and then had lunch and went a few more places. I got home about 1:30 and slept until 3:30. Around 4:30, Brian called to see if I wanted to go to the mall with them and since they were only taking one of their kids I could ride with them so I wouldn't have to drive separate. So I went and we ate at the mall and I had a gyro that was wonderful. I never knew I liked them until we ate Doner Kebaps in Germany. It is turkish food in Germany but the Gyros at greek places here taste just like them (almost as good) I could eat one everyday. It is a very common fast food item in Germany, there you can get a doner and coke for 2,50 euros and I paid $5 for just the gyro here. That sucks but it is so worth it. My stomach is growling I am so hungary right now. I have all this cash and I am so tempted to go eat out today but I brought my lunch. We are trying to save. So I am working in between updating. I have a client that I am working on writing their business insurance but I had some questions for him. He is at the Doctor's office and getting tests done so he is calling me in between things. Strange...I told him to just call when he is completely finished but he wanted to get it done. Oh well. I think i will go out to eat if my dad asks me to but otherwise I will stay in. He had to leave right after getting here because the toilet is stopped up in the office and we don't have a plunger. He went to buy one I guess.

I have been rambling and things are all out of order. I was talking about my weekend. After Shopping 12 hours on Friday I hardly had time to think about missing Chris or being afraid to be home alone. It is silly but before he left I was having all kinds of anxiety about being home all weekend alone but it went very smoothly because I kept so busy. Saturday I cleaned like a crazy person all morning and then Sarah W. came over around dinner time and we went out to Johnny Bucelli's. It was really good and I can't wait to go back. We had a great time catching up and talking. Sunday I just went to church with my parents and they came back to get me after the second service and we went to O'Charley's. When I got home I just cleaned and did a little stuff and then Chris got home. We had Justin, Stacy, and Jason over for dinner. I wanted to have someone over because we had our wedding cake topper that we were supposed to eat on our anniversary. We were gone in Niagara and forgot when we got back to go eat it. We were going to take it to my in-laws on Thanksgiving so we would have people to share it with but we forgot it at my moms and it was thawed out so we had to eat it soon. It was still pretty good, it is just really big and we still have over half. I can't remember what we did monday night. I think Chris was grumpy and we just sat around and watched tv. Last night we had to go to his uncle Phil's house to start sorting through his stuff. We think it is pretty disrespectful since he hasn't died yet but Chris' grandma just wants to do it and he wants us to also. He is in the nursing home with Hospice. He had a lot of stuff so we will be back there again tonight after we go see him. Chris doesn't want to go but his mom keeps telling him we need to. I don't like to push him to do things like that because I don't want to either it is just the right thing to do. Well back to work...and still hungary.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


last night was interesting. I was thinking we were going to have an ordinary tv tuesday night. Around 7 Justin called and asked if he could come over. He seemed kind of strange in the way he was talking. I think he wanted to talk about his dad thing but no one wanted to bring it up. He brought beer so we just sat around the table and made small talk. It was pretty much normal but I just think he wanted to talk about it but didn't know how to bring it up. I also think he just didn't want to be home. Around 9 he started to leave but we started talking about something else. I know Chris was thinking the same thing, we were ready for him to leave, not because we don't like talking or hanging out with him but we have an obsession with the Amazing Race. He finally left about 9:15 and we practically ran to the tv room. (lame I know)Turned channel 10 on and it was Basketball. We were swearing at the tv and switching channels a bunch to make sure we were on the right station. Finally we gave in and realized it just wasn't on. After that it was a blur, Chris turned something on that I wasn't interested in so I fell asleep on the couch. It is so not like us to want our company to leave so then we felt bad for thinking that. Justin is not a late nighter anyway so it is not like we asked him to leave, he was ready, we just didn't ask him to stay. He gets up at like 4am every morning so around 9 he starts getting pretty tired. I don't know why Stacy didn't come and she wasn't really even mentioned. Like I said at the beginning. Last night was interesting. There was just a strange tone to the whole night, kind of surreal.
We don't make a lot of plans normally for the weeknights, just let them happen. I wish we had plans sometimes but we never do. Tonight I will probably go home and cook dinner, possibly go see Uncle Phil at the nursing home or go to his house with Grandma and grandpa S. to clean out his stuff. Chris' grandma is so morbid. As soon as someone in the family gets sick she tries to give away there stuff as if they will never get better. I know that a 76 year old man with lung and everywhere cancer that is being treated by hospice in a nursing home, probably doesn't have much chance of getting out and living a normal life. He will probably die sooner rather than later but why do you have to hurray and give away his stuff. What is the rush? I just don't get it I guess. Is it easier to deal with if they are alive? I think she is just morbid. She talks so openly and bluntly about death and people dying. It is strange.
So hopefully we don't have to go and disperse all of his belongings tonight. Susie said we aren't doing it before thanksgiving but i have a feeling we might start today.
I have to work until 3 today so after that I will go to my parents house to take care of Belle. my dad won't be home till late and he thinks her water is probably frozen. I will look for Robs and my wedding pictures while there to make copies for the scrapbook. I can't wait to give it to them!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


The weekend was pretty fun. We left town friday night to stay in the cabin about 45 minutes away with Brian and Tiffany and there kids. The night flew by, we ate dinner, played games, played with the kids, and played more games. We played a lot of Pictionary. It was really fun except Brian takes games way to serious and if he loses or whatever he gets crazy. Chris and him were partners and tiffany and I were partners. We won. Saturday morning we got up and made breakfast and lazed around for awhile. Played in the leaves with Taylar a little and then made lunch. After lunch Tiffany and I took the kids to MT. Vernon and went shopping at Wal-Mart and K-Mart. That was pretty fun but I felt bad leaving Chris with Brian. Turns out they just played cards and layed around. Chris was just grumpy cause he couldn't hunt. Tiffany and I bought matching pj's at k-mart and we were cute. Taylar is in love with Chris, she says he is her boyfriend. It is so cute. He loves that she wants him to play with her. She and Brycen definitely like Chris and I much better than anyone other than their parents. We have seen them at B-Day parties and none of the family can get a word out of Taylar. Brycen likes us too. He would come up to the couch and raise his arms up for us to pick him up. I got to cuddle with him a lot. This weekend just made us want babies so much more. We got to actually take care of the kids a lot. If Tiffany was busy or in the shower, I got to watch Brycen a lot because Brian doesn't really ever take care of his kids. We came home Sunday mid day and I didn't want to cook so we went to Ray and Susies. We found out that Chris' cousin Jessica that is 17 went into labor 3 months early and her baby was stillborn. This is so sad. They had the funeral yesterday which I am glad they had. If they didn't have one it would be like the baby didn't exist. That baby was a new addition to our family that we never even got to meet. I don't know if I could handle a funeral for a baby. That would be so sad.
Yesterday I finally went to the doctor to get something for my cough. I have a respiratory infection like last year in the winter. I didn't get in until 9:45 and then I went and got my prescription filled and got some groceries. I took them home and then since it was 11:00 am I just went to my parents house and worked from there. The calls were forwarded to my cell and I had my computer. I didn't really miss a beat and still got a really good nap from like 12:30 to 3:00. That is cool. I may go home early again today depending on an appointment that may or may not come in today. I have about another hours worth of work to do here and then I don't know what I will do.
Before going to the doctor, I met my friend Samantha at Wendy's to pick up her scrapbooking tools. When I got home from my parents house and after cooking dinner, I went to work on the scrapbook. I am making a wedding album for my parents for Christmas. My mom has been asking me to make one for about 2 years. I went crazy and did all but the last two pages. That is 18 pages in like 3 hours. Chris was gone at my brothers that is why I was able to get so much done. He didn't come home till 11:30. I was a little pissed but not worth making a big deal about. He left home at like 6:30 so I figured the latest he would stay would be 9 but whatever. I am going to call Sarah W today and see when she wants to hang out. I assume tonight or tomorrow night. She is only home through the weekend.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


In the past I have complained about hanging out with Brian and Tiffany or about their frustrating tendencies. This past week I have really enjoyed hanging out with them. Tiffany and I are really starting to connect like real friends. We can talk about anything now. It is really nice to have that because even though I don't have kids, a lot of things in our lives are similar- being married and being neighbors gives us a lot to talk about. Normally we just talk about the kids and how cute they are and how I want them and what more she wants. Last night we went to Meijers her and I with the kids and on the way there we talked pretty much as normal but a little more personal and then on the way home we actually talked about our husbands and the things they do and we made each other feel really good. Sometimes you wonder if you are the only one that feels the way you do or you feel dumb getting upset or sad about certain things so it is nice and reassuring to know you are not alone. Her and I go through the same things with Chris and Brian. We actually talked about how sometimes you can do everything in your power to get your husband to look at you, talk to you, or touch you, but it is like you don't even exist. Until last night I thought that was just something I was imagining but now I know it happens to others. In general I would have to say that men just don't get subtlety. You have to explicitly say exactly what you mean. If you want attention you have to tell him. I just hate to have to do that it is weird. Guys can just say when they want something and what they want with no problem. Understanding my husband will take my entire lifetime. I say that but they are also so predictable. I told Tiffany some of Chris' tendencies and sure enough he acted a lot of it out when we got back to their house. We both laughed hysterically when he was saying the things that I told her he says and does.
We stayed over at their house for about an hour after the grocery shopping and we decided to taste the drinks we bought for the weekend. Chris bought Jagermeister and some Sour Apple Martini mixer to mix with Brians Vodka. Brian bought Brandy and After Shock. The brandy is gross it tastes like whisky. The After Shock tastes like you crushed a whole bag of red hots and poured them straight down your throat. They are super hot but it leaves a good after taste. The apple mix is good as I expected. The Jager tastes like black licorice and I don't like it straight, we will try with Red Bull or coke to see if it gets better. I think this weekend will be really fun. Tonight after dinner I think we are going to take a load of stuff to the cabin so that when we go tomorrow night we can relax rather than worry about unpacking all our crap and then cook.
Today is lasting forever. I took my parents wedding pictures to Cord to get developed and I was hoping that would be done sometime this afternoon but they said not until 5:00 pm. I don't really want to stick around that long. I think I will go and take some pictures in a little bit but that won't even take a half hour. The house is only a few minutes away. I just wish this week was over. It has dragged on forever.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I wish I was going on a cruise right now. I am helping my parents book one for January or February and it is making me want to go. They are going to go on Holland America. It will be really cool because they will know a staff person. My friend from Gahanna, Ashley is working on the ship as a dancer. I would like to go too but it is pretty expensive and we like to vacation in September. I think if we don't go to Ireland for free and we don't get the buy one get one free cruise that I signed up for then we will go back to Oktoberfest. We love Munich. Maybe we will go with Justin and Stacy and we will try to meet up with Saskia and Tino. Those are our friends from Eastern Germany that we met there. They emailed us for the first time yesterday and we wrote back last night. It took Chris two hours to translate the email that I typed to send to them. He wanted it to be perfect and I am sure he did a good job he just spent way too long on it. I am excited and a little nervous about this weekend. I think that it will be fun in the evenings at the cabin but what are we going to do all day Saturday and part of Sunday? It is always nice to be away from home on the weekend but it makes for a busy and backed up week when I get home because I didn't get anything done at the house. We are going grocery shopping tonight which I am not sure if it will be fun or frustrating. I actually want to get regular groceries not just stuff for the weekend but maybe I won't get everything since it will be Tiffany and I and the 2 kids. Normally I am by myself and I run around and go back and forth up the aisles. I think that it will be hard to stay together. Oh well, I will try not to make it out to be more than it is. It is no big deal. I hope Chris isn't stressed when he comes home because I will probably try to rush him and that will make him more stressed and grumpy. Maybe I will drive with Tiff and the kids and let the guys go liquor shopping. Tiffany might be pregnant so she won't be drinking but I don't care. I will if I like what they get. I think Chris is going to buy Jagermeister which I don't mind but I wouldn't drink much more than a swallow. I hope they don't take their dog.
I am rambling like always. I am tossing over and over in my head whether or not to order some stuff for my scrapbooking project. For my mom's christmas present and maybe my dads depending on what I spend, is a Wedding Scrapbook of their wedding. They didn't have professional pictures taken and their current album is all faded and falling apart. My mom kept the negatives so I am going to get reprints done and make a scrapbook. They have a few things like the announcement, their invitation, a lot of cards, pictures, and the receipt for the hotel they stayed in afterwards. They didn't have a real honeymoon so I can scrapbook that but I will come up with something. I want to get a bunch of cool scrapbooking tools like corner cutters and cutting boards, and tape rollers. I just can't decide if I should buy it now or wait till I shop other places. I bought the album today at Target for just $14 so I am not too worried about the cost of the project so far.

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